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Looking for answers?

If you aren’t finding them in work, relationships, or in being successful or cool…
you’re not alone.

Jesus doesn’t just
give us answers,
He promises never to
leave us on our own.

Join us and meet Jesus.

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10:00 am Sundays

Kemper Center,
6501 3rd Ave,

Sunday Service

We meet Jesus every week in readings from the Bible and the Lord’s Supper. Our liturgy (service structure) is rooted in the ancient church’s patterns for worship, which are based on the instructions and actions of Jesus himself. To meet Jesus, we listen to his words, do what he did and instructed us to do.

Sunday School

We meet Jesus in his teachings. Jesus spent a lot of time teaching his disciples, so we set aside an hour every Sunday morning to learn more. We have classes for all ages from Godly Play for young children to a lively discussion-based adult class.

Newcomer Lunch

We meet Jesus in each other, too! Our newcomer lunches are a great place to meet other new folks, and to get to know our clergy and other leaders. It’s an informal meal and a great place to ask questions.

House Groups

We meet Jesus in our questions. Our fears and doubts aren’t foreign to Jesus–and he wants us to talk about them. House Groups meet weekly or monthly to talk through our questions and listen to Jesus and each other for answers.

My return to faith in adulthood came through a process of reasoned philosophical exploration and an encounter with the Holy Spirit. As I grew to know Jesus Christ, my faith has been richly deepened by a sacramental understanding of the world that God made and how He wants to relate to me and to His people. At Light of Christ I find the fullness of the Christian tradition, a message that speaks to me today and an openness to the living Spirit of God.

Testimonial Rocco

Light of Christ offers the beauty of liturgy expressed in a modern context. It's a place where burned-out people can find peace, where those who feel isolated can find community, and where anyone can approach God without feeling judged.

Testimonial Abbi & Matt
Abbi & Matt

The faith of my youth was steeped in the great catholic tradition, yet very impersonal, launching me on a journey inevitably ending at the cross. I met Jesus for the first time within a community context surrounded by vibrant Christ followers. Authentic communion with God through regular fellowship with His people continues to renew my life. I find this community here at Light of Christ.

Testimonial Jenn
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