A Good Friday Moment

A Good Friday Moment

The sunrise is coming-
Jesus is here,
Hanging from the cross.
Sorrowful, joy
Painful, gladness.
I can not take my gaze away from your face.
Love bleeds red
Across your cheeks and meets my sandals on the earth.
My knees grow weak I fall to you, who took my sins away.
“I am” you said, I am you are,
Eternal is your Grace.
This week that comes you will die again, as painful as that seems. But you will rise and bring great joy.
Our hearts open to receive.


If I should have to give a Bio about myself it may read something like: He came to earth Gods child, gifted and talented, then tossed it all away on the foolishness of an ego that could not see the light until it was the only thing left in his soul. Then he followed it home to were God meant him to be all along.

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