A Message from Bishop Stewart

October 10, 2013

Feast of Paulinus, First Bishop of York (644 AD)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Upper Midwest Diocese:

What a remarkable gift of joy we were given as a diocese over the Consecration Weekend. Many of you did so much for this event, and I am grateful.

I realize, of course, that not everyone was free to attend this event. You were missed! I want to encourage you to listen to the teachings of my Friday Vision Cast and Friday Vision Cast Notes, watch some of the video of the Consecration, and enjoy the photos available here on the diocese website.

There were many high points to the service but certainly the moments with the diocese’s children and youth were some of my favorites. I will also never forget the many church planters who gathered together after the Peace for the first bishop blessing I ever gave.

As a reminder I want to encourage you to follow through on the “F.E.U.” action points of our work of revival that I called you to at my Friday vision cast.

1. Pursue Friendship with Jesus, one another, and the lost and least

2. Do the work of Evangelism with humility and trust in the Holy Spirit

3. Yield yourselves to Undying Prayer for your parishes, our diocese, the nations and the lost.

Let me also remind you of Canon William’s remarkable charge to me (and all of us) to take on easy yoke of Jesus as we do mission, of Fr. Christian’s stunning sermon which called us to reflect on the ways we love Jesus, and Archbishop’s Ben’s rousing teaching on mission that he gave both on Friday and Sunday at Resurrection. All these teachings can also be found on the diocese website.

As I travel to Kenya with other diocesan brothers (Frs Christian, William, Doug and Cathechist Jens), I truly carry you in my heart. It is, honestly, hard to describe just how much I cherish you and give thanks for our blossoming partnership in the Gospel.

Pray for us at GAFCON and in Kenya. I will give you a report on my return.

How blessed, deeply blessed, we are to be called to this Revival of Word and Sacrament–together.

Your father and brother,



Bishop Stewart E. Ruch III
Rector, Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton, IL www.churchrez.org