A Story of Healing

A Story of Healing

Part 3 of our Stories of Love, Hope and Healing focuses on healing. This is Dan Cornelius’ story.

When Dan Cornelius first began coming to Light of Christ, he was struggling to break free from drug addictions that had begun with prescription drugs. Consequently, his marriage had ended and his visitation rights to see his children had been suspended.

Dan says he knew God was going to help him overcome his addictions, but he was waiting on God’s timing. When he came to Light of Christ, he knew it was time. “It felt like coming home, to a place where my heart belonged, where the Holy Spirit reached out for me.” He knew he was in the right place, with the right people, to receive the healing he needed. “I knew if I crashed and burned, I’d be with people who would understand.”

 Dan found Light of Christ to be an accepting and grace-filled place. The attitude was “Come as you are, whether you are broken or whole, whatever your situation–Christ can be with you just as you are.” Dan received healing from the Lord just sitting in the pew on Sunday morning and praying silently, but eventually he began to go forward for prayer. He had tried many times before to break free from his addictions, but he would always relapse. The prayer ministry that Dan received helped him to turn the struggle over to God, and admit his pride and stubbornness about trying to do it on his own. God healed Dan by completely taking away his cravings for the substances he had been addicted to.

Dan has been drug-free for over six years. His visitation rights were restored, and he now spends time each week with Sara (15) and Connor (11). Two and a half years ago he was remarried–to a lovely divorcee, Karen Cassiday, that he met at Light of Christ.

At Light of Christ, Dan also felt released to explore a healing gift he had never acknowledged. For years, Dan had felt something in his hands whenever he was near someone with an injury, not realizing that others didn’t feel the same sensation. Through the church, his gift of physical healing was identified and affirmed. Dan returned to school to become a certified massage therapist, and he now has his own private practice.

He also became a prayer minister at Light of Christ, and on Sunday mornings and at healing conferences, he delights in bringing others into the transforming presence of Christ to receive hope and healing in their struggles. He also answered a call to use his healing gifts for mission work, and is about to make his third trip to minister physical and spiritual healing in Guatemala (along with his wife Karen).

Dan says, “I can share my story because it is a testament to God.”

Praise the Lord for His work in Dan’s life!

Have you experienced Christ’s love, hope or healing at Light of Christ? Would you be willing to share your story? Contact Lisa Traylor or Jeanne Olsen.