About Our Mission Statement

About Our Mission Statement

While our vision statement is intended to describe what we look like when we are truly being who God has made us and anointed us to be, a mission statement’s purpose is to more precisely describe what we do, as we are being ourselves. As we noted in the introduction to our vision statement, there is a universal call to ministry which the Church must fulfill throughout time. However, in a particular time, through the unique anointings of a local assembly of Christ followers, that mission will be expressed in distinctive ways–which makes the Mission statement distinct and unique to the local church.

A good church mission statement is rooted in the Great Commission, and seeks to live in keeping with the hallmarks of ministry of the Church born at Pentecost, as described in Acts 2*. With those perennial calls before us, and with the conviction that God has especially equipped us to be faithful in our local mission field, we have drafted the statement below. We hope they will help us to do the work of worship and witness here, in our day.

Our Mission— In Draft Form

We are dedicated to:

  • Revealing the Gospel of Christ
  • Reclaiming God’s Promises
  • Relating to God and each other
  • Rejoicing in the Holy Spirit

… in order to receive and minister Christ’s love, hope and healing as members of Light of Christ on mission in Southeast Wisconsin.

*And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.(Acts 2:42, ESV)

In coming days, I’ll be posting on what we mean by each of these bulleted phrases to give you more context. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could reflect back to me:

  • Does this resonate with you? Do you recognize LOC in this? Does this sound like us?
  • Is it meaningful? Do you understand what our purpose is at a high-level?
  • What should be removed?
  • What’s missing?
  • What should be added?

Please share with me your answers to these questions as we continue to discern and refine our vision.



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