About Us

Rector’s Welcome

Being right on the Lake, Kenosha knows something about light coming off the water first thing every morning. That image speaks to the heart of our mission at Light of Christ: We want to reflect the light of Christ’s love, hope and healing.

We can only do that by getting close to Jesus ourselves, so we gather on Sunday mornings to give and receive love, to find hope, and to experience healing from the wounds of life. If you are looking for something more than life seems to offer, then we invite you to come to the Light of Christ, where there is love, hope, and vibrant health for you, even in this life.

Our services are a unique blend of worship styles. First, we are a liturgical church. We celebrate communion every week, as Jesus requested, and it is indeed a celebration! The ancient prayers are poetic, and like poetry in motion, the elements of our service form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. If you are not from a liturgical background, the rhythms of liturgy may be an adjustment, but it is a heartbeat that many describe as something they didn’t know they were missing.

Second, we are an evangelical church. We believe that the message of the Bible and of Jesus Christ is good news—not condemning news. Scripture and the teachings of Jesus Christ have a singular power to change lives. Our members have testimonies of changed lives and of lives blessed by God’s presence even in the midst of struggle and pain. When you truly encounter Jesus, you won’t walk away as the same person you were before you met him.

Third, we are a charismatic church. This means that our services are full of life and power that are not our own. The Holy Spirit takes the words and the works of Jesus Christ and brings them to life in us through our worship. His gifts empower us to care for one another in love and service. Through the Holy Spirit, Christ’s love, hope and healing come alive in us today.

When you meet Jesus, He scatters the shadows that darken our souls. Because Jesus has filled us with his light, we want others to experience that light too.

Come, meet Jesus with us at Light of Christ.

Fr. Eirik Olsen+