Our Leaders

Light of Christ is blessed to have three types of leaders: clergy, the vestry, and staff, who oversee the ministry.


Our clergy have three primary functions:

  • To lead parishioners in worship and thanksgiving to God,
  • To defend the teachings of the Church and
  • To care for the needs of the parishioners.

EirikSqFr. Eirik Olsen

As rector, Fr. Eirik provides the main leadership at Light of Christ.  A bi-vocational priest, Fr. Eirik guides the vestry as well as leading the Sunday morning liturgy and celebrating the Eucharist.

When he is not donning the robes or flying off on business trips, Eirik enjoys photography, fine fountain pens, and running by Lake Michigan.  Fr. Eirik resides in Kenosha with his wife, Jeanne, and their 6 children.

EMAIL: eirik@lightofchristkenosha.org


 Fr. Steve Engstrom

Fr. Steve was ordained to deaconate in the March of 2016 and to the priesthood in September of 2016. In the past he has served as our senior warden (see Vestry below), Sunday School superintendent and adult Sunday School teacher. Steve preaches regularly at Light of Christ. Steve and his wife Rebecca live in Kenosha with their 3 children.

 Fr. Luke Campbell

Fr. Luke was ordained to the Diaconate in March of 2014 and was ordained to the priesthood in March, 2015. Luke and his wife Julie have planted a congregation in their garage in Racine, called Parish House. Fr. Luke continues to serve at Light of Christ on special occasions, and provides pastoral care for our parishioners. Fr. Luke is also a works as a counsellor.

EMAIL: luke.g.campbell@gmail.com


 EIRIK OLSENFr. Jens Notstad

Jens is a missionary priest stationed at Light of Christ but serving the Greenhouse Movement whose mission is church multiplication. Jens serves occasionally at Light of Christ, is a church planter at Church in the Barn, and leads a Bible study worship at Carthage College and The Dayton in Kenosha. Fr. Jens, his wife Karen and their daughter live in Whitewater, Wisconsin.


The Vestry (or governing board) oversees resources such as prayer, fasting, facilities, and finances. Our Vestry consists of 6 lay leaders elected by the congregation to provide resource leadership for the parish. Two presiding members–a Senior Warden, a Junior Warden–are elected by the Vestry itself. The Rector is considered the president of the Vestry.

Light of Christ Vestry, 2017

Jim Schatzman, Senior Warden
Paul Watkins, Treasurer
Bruce Riser
Kaarin Engstrom
Dave Seidl
Lance Laybourn
Lisa Traylor, Clerk


Light of Christ staff are hired to do ministry in specific areas of their gifting.

Paul Brown, Worship Director
Lisa Traylor, Communications Director
Susan Brown, Administration
JaneMarie Schatzman, Business Manager
Dee Safford, Chaplain