Ash Wednesday words

Ash Wednesday words

I got to the church early for Ash Wednesday service. I like in Luke’s sermon, just pulled over and  stopped. I had to listen to what God had to tell me.

This is what came out.

I lay there weeping, seeing all the signs of things to come, every man, mother and child marked with the dark stain of night across their forehead.

I knelt there in my place and stayed the whole while, not to be a martyr to my own sins, but a signpost for others to follow.

I know that soon the Day of Glory will come, but for now, all the shadows of darkness must be cast. I felt silent, and then alone, but know that He keeps His watch for His own time to come.

At the end, all Heaven will break open and all will witness the light. But I shudder to know the journey to the other end.

A voice calls from somewhere near, “Rejoice in your sorrow for you know what was foretold and I shall come to pass with no man’s spirit left untouched.” I wait for the days to come and for all things to be as they should be.

It does not stop my grieving nor my longing to take His place. The whispers of others gone before me echo inside my mind, enchanting my thoughts. “Hold still,” I heard once more. “You are the signpost that points the way.” Yes I am, Father. I have always known this since my days inside the womb. You called my name there.  I heard you, unborn to the world, yet listening to your voice commanding me to go forth upon my journey. It would be ten thousand miles and more before I would remember that conversation. So we have it again, now in this Holy place, so that I might fall to my knees and show them the way. Grace does stand-alone. It holds you to your own heart.

Daniel  3-5-14

Later on that week Paul Hughs ask me what I thought the interpretation was about this Word,

– My interpretation may rest within the season of lent itself. We spoke at length the last visit that we saw each other about how we communicate Christ movement to others. How do we get the Word out? Here at Light of Christ the Holy Spirit is causing and awaking (if you will) in many of us here that movement is developing strongly. We collectively are feeling strongly touched by the presence of Christ as individuals and as a group. My writing has always been a part of me that I have kept closer to home or selectively sharing, verses openly sharing it.  Many times in the past few months some of us have received a Word from God or Christ or the Holy Spirit. We have been sharing these things in our house groups, prayer meeting and with each other as they come up, finding that some of us are having nearly the same and very real happings of movement of the Spirit in our lives. The Words I received and wrote on Ash Wednesday were not just for me they are for anyone and everyone who believe the Word of the Lord. We are to show others the way to Christ we are the sign posts and the gatekeepers. We are awaking and being called to serve by Christ Himself. It has always been his plan for us since before we were born, we have always known this in our hearts no matter how far we may have strayed from His love and mercy he is calling us all back at this time.


If I should have to give a Bio about myself it may read something like: He came to earth Gods child, gifted and talented, then tossed it all away on the foolishness of an ego that could not see the light until it was the only thing left in his soul. Then he followed it home to were God meant him to be all along.

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