Casting Light on Conversation

Why do you enter into a conversation?

Conversation–What We Care About, With Those We Love

For me there are at least two motivations for conversation. First, I may get involved because I am interested in the subject and I want to learn more or contribute my knowledge. Secondly, I may join in conversation because I care about the speakers and I simply want to connect with them.

In other words, it’s about content and community. Typically, one or the other motive will me started in a conversation, but it’s almost always a mix of the two that keeps me going, and keeps me coming back.

Content & Contact

So with this blog, I want to have a conversation with good content about what God has revealed about Himself, about ourselves, this creation and the Kingdom which is among us and yet still to come.

But sometimes, we are not content with content. It’s good to know that God is God and He loves us. But when we are alone or disappointed or in pain, it can be hard to see and appreciate the truth of God’s message.

In such cases, we need someone else to lift a clarifying light. This is about contact–connecting with God through His body, the Church. Perhaps it’s wisdom we need, a word that reassures through insight and deeper understanding. Perhaps we need to frame a question, or to share and know that we are not alone. Sometimes, contact with others doesn’t “solve a problem” so much as it communicates the presence of love, of a joy that endures suffering.

Can a blog do all of this? No. No more than letters alone could for Paul and his churches. No more than letters in a long-distance relationship can form a marriage. It can, however, bring something to the Conversation! A blog can be one of the ways we communicate and build, stir up love and courage, and enlighten minds and hearts.

Join our conversation!