Christmas Giving 2015

Christmas Giving  2015

Christmas Giving Project

This year Light of Christ is partnering with The Salvation Army to adopt Amanda and her four children. You can help by praying, shopping for gifts that fit each child’s needs/wants, or by donating money or Walmart gift cards. To give, you can write out a check to Light of Christ, put “Christmas Giving Project” in the memo line and place it in the offering plate on Sunday.

Amanda’s family consists of:

  • Amanda (mom):
    Shirt size:  Large        Pants size:  14 -womens     Shoe size: 9 shoes
    Jacket size: X large      Boot size:  9     Gloves size: large
    Hats: yes         Scraf:  yes      Ear muffs  yes FAVORITE COLORS any colorsGift certificates to Wal-Mart; ShopKo ; Kmart- for house hold items ; blankets / queen bedding; towels ; Gas cards-Speedway  ;  Gift certificates Festival- Wal-Mart- Pick n Save ;  Gift certificates to go Movie night; restaurants
  • Hailey – 10 yrs old -girl : 5th grade
    Shirt size: large          Pants size: 11/12      Shoe size: 4 -girls
    Jacket size:  10/ 12     Shoes:  4  Boot size:  4     Gloves size: medium
    Hats:  yes         Scraf:   yes      Ear muffs: yes   socks size  and under ware large FAVORITE COLOR:  anyArts/crafts; sewing; beads/bracelets ; pot holder loom ;  MincraftBooks:  Science Fiction; fantasy ; twilight ; Mincraft  – Barn & Noble gift certificates
  • Tylar – 8 yrs old – boy  3rd grade
    Shirt size: large           Pants size: 9/8       Shoe size: 4 -girls
    Jacket size:  9/8        Shoes:  5   Boot size:  5     Gloves size: medium
    Hats:  yes        Scraf:  yes        Ear muffs:  yes    socks  and  underwear medium FAVORITE COLORS:  anyWWE – John Cena ; Avengers/Marvel – Super Heros; TMNT  ; MinecraftBooks :  Diary of  a Whimpy Kid; Science/Native ; Fun Facts : MineCraft
  • Dominick : 7 yrs old  boy 1st grade
    Shirt size: Medium       Pants size:7/ 8     Shoe size: 3
    Jacket size:  7/8            Boot size:  3         Gloves size: small
    Hats: yes         Scraf: yes        Ear muffs: yes   socks and underwear small FAVORITE COLORS :  anyCars  ;  Legos  ;  B-Damon ;    Minions   ; Star WarsBooks:  Animals
  • Zenabell – 5 years old  girl – K5
    Shirt size: Medium           Pants size: 6/7       Shoe size: 1
    Jacket size:  7/8                Boot size:  1    Gloves size: small
    Hats: yes    socks and underwear  6 FAVORITE COLORS:  anyFrozen ;   Paw Patrol   ; My Little Pony  ;  Art kits  ; coloring  ;  dolls   ;  minions   ; Bubble guppies  ;   DoraBooks:  first readers any kind
  • For the Family
    Games  & Movies for the family- family night Games:  Life Jr    –     Monopoly Jr.   –   Clue Jr.   –  OperationMovies:  Inside Out      Pixels       Jurassic World      Home

Please contact Karen Cassiday with what you’d like to purchase–just to make sure we don’t purchase duplicates.

The deadline for gifts and gift cards is Sunday, December 13.

Christmas Eve Offering

Each Christmas Eve Light of Christ takes up an offering for the poor and underserved in our community. This year we will be giving our Christmas Eve Offering to Racine Vocational Ministry.

Racine Vocational Ministry started in 2002 with the sole purpose of aiding those with employment challenges a way back into the job market. We do so by addressing the life skill challenges in the life of each individual participant. Challenges could be poor work history, addiction, criminal record, lack of education, lack of specific job skill or trade, authority issues or homelessness. RVM supports a participants efforts to change habits and attitudes that support human dignity and a respect for hard work.

Since 2002 over 3300 people have been aided in going back to work at an average wage of $11.38 an hour. Many of these workers have made significant changes in their lives leading to living wages, health insurance, permanent housing and home ownership.

Many have also begun to realize how important a life of faith is to happiness, forgiveness, and motivation.

Please give generously to support the ministry of RVM.

Visit Racine Vocational Ministry’s site.