Child Protection Program Overview

 We are in the process of  implementing a Child Protection Program. The purpose of this training is two-fold; first, to promote the safety and well-being of children by providing clear training and guidelines on appropriate care of children and operation of our ministries, and secondly to bring our program into compliance with our insurance company’s requests.

For those involved with children & youth already, Light of Christ’s Child Protection process consists of four major parts, all of which are online:

  • Application
  • Background and reference checks
  • Training
    • Takes about 1 hour to complete, including a quiz
    • A link to the training will be sent to you once you complete the application
  • Policy review
    • Takes about 20 minutes to review
    • A link will be sent to you after completing the training

Each of these steps stands alone, but you will want to plan an appropriate amount of time to complete each one in one sitting if possible.

We ask that you complete these steps by September 30.


We will contact the references you apply via email and ask them to fill out a short form asking questions about whether they’ve seen you work with children before, if you’re reliable and if you they’re recommend you as someone who works with children. This form will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

On Completion of These Steps…

As you complete each step of the process, it will be reviewed by your ministry supervisor, the administrator of the process, or a member of the clergy. Some steps are automatic, but some require the supervisor to instigate the next step; please be patient as we attempt to stay on top of all of the information coming into this process.

Once your information has been reviewed, you’ll receive an email from the supervisor of your ministry area notifying you that you are cleared to work with children & youth.

If for some reason there is a concern with your application, you’ll be contacted by your ministry area supervisor or clergy to discuss their concerns.

Children’s Ministry Helper Process

Children between the ages of 10-16 may apply to be Children’s Ministry Helper. They will go through a similar application, provide references and review our policies. They will not be background checked.

For training, children ages 10-16 can either show a certificate of completion for a babysitting class or they can read & take a quiz on some materials provided by Focus on the Family. More details coming soon!

Teens 16 and older will go through our regular child protection process.


In the coming year, we will be contacting each person involved in children & youth ministry and interviewing them to bring our program into full compliance with our insurance company’s wishes. This will not be a requirement of working with children this school year.

You Can Participate!

While we are focused on putting our current childcare workers through this process, we welcome anyone at Light of Christ who is concerned about children to join the process. You can begin by clicking on the application above.

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