House Group Questions

This questions are to get you started in thinking through what it is you heard from God in the Sunday service. They’re not prescriptive, rather they’re designed to let you reflect on what you heard and let it sink in a little more. Feel free to use any question or spiritual practice that will prepare you to share at your home group or deepen your relationship with God.


What was the key word that you heard for the Church yesterday?
What does this imply to you with regard to your life? (thoughts, words, actions, disciplines, relationships, etc.)

What other things came to you in prayer or reflection in light of the teaching, the season, the scriptures, the hymns and songs?

What obstacles remain in our way of life, our habits, our culture? (Including our families or past experiences that shaped us.)

What words of our culture/past experience does this counter? What words of our culture actually point to or hint at this, like the Unknown God that Paul speaks of?

How will you make this word part of your life?