Weekly Prayer Guide

What is a Prayer Guide?

A prayer guide is a way of uniting the prayers of the church for the transformation the world. Often we find ourselves overwhelmed by the needs of the world and don’t know how to pray. Prayer guides are not meant to be exhaustive lists. A good prayer guide gives us a  focus, a place to start in prayer–but always pray where you feel led!

It’s important to note that all of the prayers here fall into the category of “supplications,” or requests to God. A well-rounded prayer life includes elements of honoring God, thanking him for provision, asking for our daily needs and protection. You can use the Lord’s Prayer as a template for a well-rounded prayer life.

If you have concerns about any of the ministries or churches listed, or have suggestions for any to add, contact Lisa Traylor.

Each week, pray for…

…The Local Church: Churches in the Wisconsin or Resurrection deaneries, sister churches in our Kenosha and/or local ministries and services that do their work in the name of Christ in our community.

…The National Church: Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) dioceses and bishops, ACNA-led initiatives, church-planting movements, and ministries within our area that have a national presence.

…The Worldwide Church: Anglican Communion Provinces, ACNA’s Anglican Relief and Development Fund projects, and missionaries throughout the world, including the Whitaker family, our missionaries.

We are looking for someone to take over putting together this prayer guide. If you’d like to help, contact Lisa Traylor.

Prayer Guide for ACNA

July 19 Diocese of Quincy, Bp. Alberto Morales

July 26 Diocese of the Central States, Bp. Daniel Morse

Aug 2 Caminemos Juntos!, Rev. Jonathan Kindberg, Latino Ministry Conference, August 6-8

Aug 9 Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast, Bp. Clark Lowenfield

Aug 16 Diocese of Fort Worth, Bp. Jack Iker

Aug 23 Diocese of the Southwest, Bp. Mark Zimmerman

Aug 30 Diocese of Western Anglicans, Bp. Keith Andrews

Sept 6 Diocese of San Joaquin, Bp. Eric Menees

Sept 13 Diocese of Cascadia, Bp. Kevin Allen

Sept 20 Diocese of the West, Bp. Winfield Mott

Sept 27 Diocese of Western Canada and Alaska, Bp. Charles Dorrington


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