Dave Seidl Joins Vestry

The Light of Christ Vestry is pleased to welcome David Seidl as its newest member. The vestry voted in March to increase its size by one person, bringing the total number of seats on the vestry to seven, plus a clerk. This move ensures we will continue to have a quorum even when some members are travelling. Dave was nominated to serve at that same meeting and has already attended our April and May Vestry meetings.

Dave will be considered a member of the 2016 Vestry class and will serve a 3 year term. Read Dave’s biography, or click to view biographies for our other 2016 Vestry members.

Current Vestry members are:

  • Fr. Eirik Olsen, president and rector (permanent member)
  • Jim Schatzman, Warden (4/4)
  • Mike Vaal (3/3)
  • Kaarin Engstrom (1/3)
  • Bruce Riser (1/3)
  • Paul Watkins (1/3)
  • Lisa Traylor, clerk (non-voting)

The first number in parenthesis indicates the number of years of service on Vestry in that position. Vestry members are voted into 3 year terms unless otherwise indicated, so most regular Vestry members have a “3” in the second position.

Wardens are elected one year at a time and can be added on to existing 3 year terms.

All vestry members, regardless of position are limited to a total 2 terms (6 years). They must then take a year off before being eligible for service again.

Complete information on Vestry qualifications, elections, terms, etc., including how the Vestry can add a member mid-year can be found in Article IV of the Light of Christ bi-laws; contact a Vestry representative to request a copy.

 Dave Seidl

I was raised in Greendale, WI. I was the only child of a mechanical engineer father and an elementary teacher-trained stay-at-home mother. I was raised Roman Catholic but did not truly commit myself to Jesus until college. The great trial of my youth was my mother’s struggle with health problems. The great blessing was the faithfulness of my father and a few very close friends.

I studied electrical engineering at UW-Madison receiving a doctorate in electrical engineering with a math minor. I am deeply grateful for the Navigator campus ministry through which God challenged me to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, helped me to become a disciple of Jesus, and introduced me to my wife Mary, a speech pathologist.

After university, God blessed me with a job developing automotive test equipment at Unico, an industrial automation firm in Franksville. It came with the benefit of being close to family. I have worked there for the past couple of decades.

Mary and I have been raising and home-schooling our four daughters: Elisa, Anna, Karina and Nadia. We previously lived in Sturtevant but now live in Caledonia. We have fellowshipped in three unaffiliated Bible-centered evangelical churches since moving to the area. We have been involved in Kenosha Spotlight Theater, which has increasingly attached us to the Kenosha Christian community. We came to LOC last year hoping to connect through church as well. We found that LOC does that and so much more with it commitments to healing and outreach ministry and its passion for worship. We very much look forward to co-laboring in LOC’s call.


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