Easter Poem

Easter Poem

Long ago God died for me

He took my place of agony

Before my Birth, He offered me Life

My Soul struggled to know; Sliced open by a knife


I reel about for I hardly understand

The truth I grasp, yet it escapes me and

Once again I read the old stories –

The Palms, the Hosannas,

The donkey, the supper,

The bread and the wine

The prayer of despair,

The arrest, the trials,

The terror and denials,

The cross, the grave,

The dark, the light

The Resurrection Day; All Glory and Bright!


Too strange to be true,

I can hardly believe that I believe it; What absurdity!

It cannot be. Impossible, and yet;

I stand with belief in my Soul: All is at rest.


Assurance beyond defense, beyond the evidence

That God placed God upon His Death

To bring me peace where I raged war,

And simply loves us; Mankind is adored.


How long ago God died for all,

Completed the story, there is no more.

Only to live in peace through faith,

Cemented in Grace. Death be not proud,

For life is and always will be: Peace with God.


Dee comes from a Christian home that includes a history of attending a variety of denominations. She and her husband landed at LOC in the fall of 2011 and are whole-heartedly convinced of God’s direction. Dee is currently the Healing Prayer Ministry Chair, while Lance offers Web Tech support for the church. These roles fall neatly into the professional callings of Licensed Therapist for Dee and IT architect for Lance. Though the Saffords remain child-free after 19 years of marriage, we are proud to adore and spoil 8 nieces and nephews. We have an animal and kid friendly home in Beach Park, IL