Sunday School

 Light of Christ is a safe place for your children to learn the Bible and grow in their faith.  We want our kids to know that God loves them and, as they grow older, to discover their purpose in life through Him.  We provide caring and knowledgeable teachers for children from pre-school through sixth grade, and our youth group serves grades 7 – 12 with engaging Bible teaching that addresses contemporary issues.

Learning doesn’t stop after childhood, though.  We provide adult Bible study on Sunday mornings to dig into the Bible together for challenge, support, and wisdom.

God’s Word changes lives, especially as we gather around it as community.  Please join us.  Nursery services are provided for children under 3 years old.


2017-18 Sunday School Classes

K4 – 2nd grade: Mary Seidl will supervise a rotating team of story-tellers using an edited version of the Godly Play curriculum. If you love kids and enjoy telling stories, please see either Paul Watkins or Mary Seidl.

3rd-5th grade: Susan Brown will be using a new curriculum designed to familiarize our upper-elementary class with the stories of our faith more comprehensively, with an engaging, oral retelling of every story found in the Bible over three years. They’ll also be working on memorizing classic biblical texts and canticles treasured in the Church over the centuries.

6th-8th grade: Jeanne Olsen will lead our middle-schoolers in a verse-by-verse discussion of selected biblical texts that require thinking and application to everyday life. The theme for this year is Wisdom, and first on the menu is a deep dive in the book of Proverbs. Over the course of three years, our middle-schoolers will also be hearing the stories of 105 of the most famous saints of the ancient Church.

Adults and 9th-12th grade: Paul Watkins will be leading our high school students and adults jointly in a four-year series of essential courses for forming the Christian mind. This year we’ll be examining the Creed in close detail, exploring the theological essentials of our faith as we ask, “What do Christians believe?” and why it matters to us. This course is also intended to serve as a baptismal catechesis and/or confirmation class for those preparing for the sacraments, but even the most seasoned saints should expect to learn something new as we listen to the Church Fathers and deepen our understanding of our faith.