God’s rainfall in my soul….

Today I sit and watch God’s steady rain fall.
Covering every blade of grass and leaf and tree. With grace and love, completely.
A steady stream of love falling from the sky.
Remarkably peaceful are the tears that He cries.
I hear the sound of his voice rolling among the clouds.

I think how steady Is his love that has fallen into me throughout my life.
Nurturing and feeding my soul like the steady rain outside.
There with me in every season were the tears that he cried.
Whether in sorrow or joy steady they came. Never judging or criticizing the amount my pain. Thank you dear God for the downpour rain.

Daniel Cornelius, June 27, 2013


If I should have to give a Bio about myself it may read something like: He came to earth Gods child, gifted and talented, then tossed it all away on the foolishness of an ego that could not see the light until it was the only thing left in his soul. Then he followed it home to were God meant him to be all along.