Holy Week Hospitality

Holy Week Hospitality

Holy Week is approaching and this year the Olsen house will be HQ for food during the week. This is a way for us to provide for the hardworking tech people, musicians, readers, clergy, and coordinators who put so many hours into making Holy Week happen.

If you are interested, we could use help in 3 ways:

1. Purchase food
2. Make food or baked goods/desserts
3. Clean-up help right before services start on Thursday, Friday or Saturday–mainly to put food away in the fridge and tidy up.

If you would like to purchase anything, below is a list of things that we could use.

Bottled water

Fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, berries)
Veggie tray with dip
Meat/Cheese tray to make deli sandwiches
Sandwich bread/buns
Granola/protein bars
Fruit snacks

If you would like to help make or purchase food, please let me know. If you would like to help clean up, you can let me or Jeanne know, even if you want to pop over right before the service.

Thank you all!

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