Lifting our light

Lifting our light

AAdultTakeHomeCardimaget Light of Christ, we often use the imagery of light to talk about God’s activity in our lives.  On Epiphany, Fr. Eirik shared the image of a lamp stand with a person carrying the light from the lamp stand.   Our activities of service to the church, of building community, of personal devotion, and of sharing the good news of Christ can be expressed through this image of light.

Lifting Your Light is an online way for us to engage in discipleship and building community.  Some may not be able to attend a Home Group regularly, but we invite everyone to participate in reflection and discussion in this online community space.

This is your blog; it’s a place to reflect on the sermon and readings, continue the discussion from home groups, or meditate on the prayers that we pray together.  Let’s raise our light together.





  1. Daniel Cornelius : February 17, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Lisa, Thank you for the Steak knife sorry I took the last one….
    Steve’s sermon : How many times have we let that snake out of that can just for the sake of fun? how many times have we done it to others to see the single moment of fear that it causes in someone else? Is this how Satan sees it, he takes the personal joy of our fear for his pleasure ? Or is his joy in setting up the temptation in us to scare another? These maybe good question for the home groups this week. How do we stand as Jesus did, denying the temptations of life that Satan may cast upon any of us? If we recognize them can we justly move ahead in our hearts knowing that we have truly seen them for what they are? No matter how big or how small. I can not deny my extreme share of temptations in more realms than most people would be able to contemplate. I am not proud, nor do I boost about these things, I speak of them as a witness to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, that Jesus is my Savior and that through his mercy and grace and love a change can happen in any person. No matter times Satan asks us to open the can of snakes there will come a point in our lives that with the help of Jesus, that we will deny Satan of that pleasure. Thanks for the sermon Steve peace be with you Daniel

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