Never Ending Love

(c) 2012 Joe Traylor

From what light does fall the dawn;(c) 2012 Joe Traylor
is this the first view of your daily Grace?
Every morning I watch as God
brings the light unto my day.
Everyday I say
“Take me Lord I am yours.”
“Give to me what you will and
will to me what you give.”
“I am your child, lead me home.”
The dawn is my burning bush.
I wait to hear your voice.
It is at this place that I meet you everyday.
I call to my heart and spirit
the quiet to grace your sound.
I listen in abundance to what you have to say.
When there is silence, I still know that you are there.
I know that is when you are listening to me,
although you already know everything I think,
everything I feel,
everything I touch,
everything that touches me.
One time I was a stranger to your love,
but you knew that it was always there.
Waiting for me to fall into it.
Waiting for the balance of
destiny and grace
to catch up with itself.
When it did, you were there.
waiting for me.
You will never let anyone fall,
farther than your reach.
Sunrise is here,
Lets talk…….


If I should have to give a Bio about myself it may read something like: He came to earth Gods child, gifted and talented, then tossed it all away on the foolishness of an ego that could not see the light until it was the only thing left in his soul. Then he followed it home to were God meant him to be all along.