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Jan 2015
A Story of Hope

Part 2 of our Stories of Love, Hope and Healing focuses on hope. This is Rowan Conley’s story. Rowan Conley grew up in a Christian family in Colorado. Through her teen years she became extremely rebellious and turned away from her faith in God and the church. At the age of 18 she found herself pregnant and due to family expectations, she was married and raising a family by 19. She moved to Kenosha shortly after her first marriage and subsequently was divorced within a few years. After that marriage failed, Rowan’s......

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Feb 2014

Epiphanies.  We have all had them.  Some small, some large.  Some life changing, perhaps some life threatening.  Those sudden moments of enlightenment.  When something dark and mysterious suddenly becomes clear.  You realize what you were created for.  Who you should marry (hopefully she had the same epiphany).  How something works.  Why the government is so screwed up. What was hidden from you is now made known.  An epiphany is a revealing, an unveiling, a shining in upon something.  A light where darkness had once been. An epiphany is not an epiphany if......

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