Take Heart

Take Heart

This morning I was reading the end of Mark 6, the story of when Jesus walks on the water.  He’s on land by himself, praying.  He sees the disciples struggling in the wind and waves.  He steps out on the water, fully intending to walk right by them.  Yet when they cried out in fear, He comes to their boat to comfort them.  “Take heart; it is I.  Do not be afraid.”  He gets in the boat, and the wind ceases.  He accompanies them the rest of the way to shore.

I wondered what this passage was saying to me.  As we step out in faith to minister in our community, I sometimes find myself shaken by fears and doubts.  Do we have the resources, the strength, the energy, the courage to carry out the vision God has given us?

Here’s what I heard as I read and re-read and meditated on these verses.  Jesus sees our fears.  He knows what we’re up against. He has faith we can handle it, so He intends to allow us to move through the storms, praying and walking beside us, leading the way.  He’s before us and behind us.  But when we reach that place where we give in to our fears and cry out, He not only hears us, He meets us where we are.  He comforts us and stills the storms.  He gets in the boat with us and gives us strength and faith to keep going.

So yes, there will be struggles.  There will be times when we ask ourselves what we’ve gotten into, how will we make this work?  In those times, He will always show up.  He’s there, keeping an eye on the wind, walking alongside to see how we are holding up, listening for our cries, responding with divine peace and comfort, and empowering us to move forward.  “Take heart; it is I.  Do not be afraid.”

Originally published by Julie Campbell on clumsypilgrim.blogspot.com.