Thanksgivings and reminiscences

A thanksgiving reminiscence from a former regular much missed by our little church. His words are reminders of what we have to be thankful for in those ways that we reflect Christ, what what we must be humble and faithful stewards to preserve. –Fr. Eirik

For a church that welcomes strangers, and makes us feel at home

For the liturgy, that shapes and keeps us, week in and week out, without us quite realizing it

For children who run to take communion and dance on the way back to their seats, and sometimes high five you, or get lost, or share their candy with others on their way back, as if to say, “Here, have some dessert after that wonderful meal.”

For babies who screech loudly, children who drop things that startle, for toddlers who stand on pews and sometimes fall off and the crying and comforting that ensues, and for parents and others who do not then freak out.

For youngsters who are acolytes and crucifers, who shows us the way to dignity and mystery

For the children who are no longer children but teens, and think it is a right of passage to sit in the front most section

For an adult Sunday School that is truly adult, open, un-dismissive and respectful

For Deacon Jan and his wife Michelle, who have made me feel so welcome and wanted, for their definite pastoral gifts, and their sacrificial giving to us

For Father Eirik, a rare man unthreatened by the gifts of others, who rather nurtures values and promotes those giftings. Who leads the liturgy in a way that draws us all into the world it points to

For Jeanne who opens her already very busy life to offering hospitality and wisdom and compassion

For all the broken, unpretending people who populate our pews

For all the unbroken, unpretending people who populate our pews

For every time I have been duly humbled by a glimpse of the depth of love, devotion and understanding in the people who populate our pews

For teaching me to quit judging books (people) by their covers

For the wonderful group of tweens/teens I have had the priviledge of learning from as I made believe I was teaching them

For the gospel taken seriously that is the reason for this all

For all of this and much so much more,

I give thanks.

I miss you all.