“Words Heard” (and Noted)

Thanks be to God for the amazing work he is doing in our congregation! We are awed by how many of our congregation came and shared whatever word they had heard during Lent, from Denethor and Lord of the Rings to crows flying in tandem to our usual themes of light and darkness.

Some common notes sounded during our gathering:

  • We are called to be light in the community of Kenosha and that each of us is called to embody Christ’s light in our own unique way. (Collin C: “You gotta let the light come in. Let it shine.”)
  • There is a work of darkness in Kenosha that we are called into battle with in an unconventional way (Karen C.) in such a way that the darkness is shattered (John T.).
  • We still feel our own smallness, but recognize that God will not allow us to be snuffed out like a “faintly burning wick” (Julie C.)
  • We recognize our call extends from Kenosha all the way up to Racine and encompasses Carthage. (Juli H. & Luke C.)
  • We continue to see our children and youth as key to who we are and how we do ministry (Talia E., Nathan E., Noah O.).
  • We affirm our ministry to the disabled and broken and continue to see healing and the arts as an important means to fully participating in the liberty of God (James, Talia E., Becca E., John T.)
  • We see Light of Christ participating in something larger than just our little congregation, lighting a signal fire that will picked up by other congregations in our diocese and in the wider Anglican church (Steve E., Rob H., Jeanne O.)
  • We feel that place–bricks and mortar–are an important part of the call God has for us. That place is not just for ourselves, but as much as for our community, diocese and the Anglican church as a whole. (Kaarin E., Rowan C., Michelle A.)

If you were not able to attend our gathering, we encourage you to talk to someone who was able to attend. For our members, we have more specific notes available. Email Lisa Traylor to request a copy.


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